Your go to course for elevating your mindset to new levels with proven practices you’ll actually want to use.

From overwhelmed and craving headspace to in control and feeling great in just 4 weeks.

Let's have some fun! Give me a high five for every statement that feels like I'm calling you out....

"*Looks at hand* That's going to sting for a while!"


What are you getting with Future-proof your Mindset?

(Get a cuppa, it's time to settle in)

4 in-depth modules
34 page Workbook
Bonus Module

You will be guided through the science, implementation and application of the 4 most popular and game-changing mindset practices; Meditation & Mindfulness, Journal Work, Affirmations (Including my Affirmation Activation Framework©) and Gratitude Practice through the lens of subconscious reprogramming and reparenting.

Your Master Workbook compliments the course by taking you through step by step exercises on self awareness, ideal self, limiting beliefs and mindset blocks.

By layering up each practice week on week alongside the workbook you will feel in control and clear headed managing life’s up and downs with less overwhelm

Included in your 4 week course is a BONUS MODULE on ‘An introduction to reparenting’ covering; What is reparenting and why all adults need it & How to reparent yourself. 

Reparenting as an approach and as a buzz word is being used more and more, but often its not explained clearly. Let’s clear that up!

Valued at £299.00
Valued at £99.00
Valued at £99.00
Meditation Sessions
DFY Resources

Within Future-proof your Mindset you have access to a downloadable Mindset Practices Habit Tracker. This custom built spreadsheet will track your progress with each mindset practice plus it gives you additional space to add your own non negotiable daily habits. 

As part of your course you are getting 4 unique meditation session recordings so you can hit the ground running straight away; A 5 minute SOS breathing exercise, a 10 minute body scan, a 15 minute loving kindness meditation and a 30 minute affirmation visualisation meditation. 

In addition to the already mentioned resources you also have access to 40 done for you affirmations and positive statements plus over 4o pre-written journal prompts and focuses. Plus a Future-proof your Mindset Spotify playlist to empower, inspire and uplift you. 

Valued at £149.00
Valued at £129.00
Valued at £49.00

GET FULL ACCESS FOR just £147.00

Let's create some headspace for you

What are people saying?

Let’s jump on the express train to Imaginesville for a moment…

What would happen if this was your everyday?

… Alright …


… I’ll tell you what would happen …


You’d feel in control and flippin’ great!
  • You never had to go to bed with a whirling hub-bub of to do lists, worries and stresses again. Instead you drift off naturally waking up with a calmness that would make even the Dali Lllama blush.

  • When things begin to get on top of you, you had a whole toolbox of ways to stop the downward spiral in it’s tracks before the overwhelm took over.

  • Someone asks you “How are you doing?” and instead of saying “Fine” before desperately trying to change the subject, you said “I’m feeling great, thanks for asking” and actually meant it?! (I know, why break a habit of a lifetime? But trust me it’s so good to say out loud and feel every word).

I’m the macaroni cheese obsessed face behind Colleen Emily Coaching and your resident Behavioural Change Coach.

I am passionate about supporting women breakup with ‘not good enough’ and people pleasing so they can be confidently themselves. 

For a long time I pushed myself to excel, if I wasn’t ‘boiling the ocean’ I felt that my efforts weren’t enough. Wrap that up in a bow of serial people pleasing and you have the perfect… 

… I know you’re thinking it… 

… the perfect recipe for feeling overwhelmed, out of control and a head full of the most tangled up brain spaghetti (everything seems to come back to pasta!). 

Hey! I'm Colleen

What I am sharing with you in this course is everything I wish I had known about nurturing a supportive mindset. It’s all here for you in one place so that you can hit the ground running!   

Being overwhelmed with a head full of tangled brain spaghetti does not have to be your normal...
Wait? What? It doesn't?!
  • My biggest breakthrough from our time together and the work we did
    is that my mindset is key.

    Amanda D

  • I have gained so much clarity about myself in terms of my values, feelings and emotions. My self confidence has soared. I’m looking to the future with a clear plan of how to proceed and truly excited for what experiences lie ahead.

    Elspeth H

  • The call we had was incredible for me. I was determined to make the best possible use of our time on our call and willing to do what it takes. This has changed my life!

    Anne R

  • I have really enjoyed the course so far.  I am loving the meditation. 

    I feel calmer already and less stressed and it has been a stressful week!



Give yourself permission to feel great, in control and clear headed so that you can manage the ups and downs, relax your busy mind and move forward in your goals with confidence.