Sometimes the biggest shifts come in smaller packages.


Think of these intensives as an M.O.T for your mindset where we pinpoint exactly what is holding you back and lay out the exact solutions.

You'll get so much out of it! Colleen is so knowledgeable and incredible at reading between the lines to get to the bottom of what's going on. I was impressed with how much we unpacked in 90 minutes! She is so supportive and gave me some practical tools I use every single day

Anne-Laure P

I'm Throwing The Book At The Idea That You Can Only Make Shifts With A Hefty Time Commitment By Spring-boarding You Out Of A Funk And Into Action.

Step 1


Once I’ve received it and I believe you’ll get ROI on your time and commitment, we’ll book your 2-week Intensive in the diary. 


Step 2


Your 20-page workbook will get you taking a new perspective on your blocks and trips hazards. More than just a questionnaire this is a psycho-educational tool crossed with a reflective journal. Once completed, send it over to me and I’ll analyse exactly where we need to focus our efforts. 

Step 3


  • Our first session will be 2.5 hours long via video call where we look at your outcome or goal and explore what has been impacting it, how and why. From here I’ll choose the coaching modalities that will work best and the deep work begins.
  • I’m on hand for the whole 2-weeks between our first call and our second call for your to ask questions, get support, check-in and share lightbulb moments. I love championing you and riding alongside you as your find your groove and leap forward. I’m also here for the challenging days to override the voice that says ‘I can’t do this’. I am here to share that space with you. 

Step 4


  • You have 2-weeks to consolidate what you learned and begin to implement the new ideas before our second session. This second session is typically 2 hours long and will be your opportunity to discuss anything that has come up for you since session one. 
  • In this second session we may utilise NLP or Hypnotherapy to capture your strengths and allow you to break down the boulders that you feel are in your way. The coaching tools we use and the resources I share will be entirely personalised to you, there’s no cookie cutter options here!



Step 5


We will put in place a road-map for your next 3-months to ensure you continue on a path of progress. This will include actions, accountability and additional resources so you have every opportunity to maximise the impact of our time together.

I believe in finding a way to joy even when it seems insurmountable.

I coach parents (and some who aren’t) to shift gears, clear the obstacles and find their joy. With a strong background in Neuroscience and Psychology along with over 5-years in the wellbeing space working with over 100 clients, you’re in expert hands.

Your 2-Week Intensive Is your next step to...




Shining a light on your biggest blocks right now through finding creative solutions is freeing and empowering.

Having go-to strategy and wellbeing tools at your fingertips to support you in each step you take forward.

Knowing your next steps towards your goal creating a feeling of safety, inner motivation and positivity.


The big shift in a smaller package
£ 349
  • 2-Weeks of Support
  • 4.5-hours of 1:1 Coaching Time
  • 20-Page Psycho-educational Workbook
  • Personalised 3-Month Road-map

All of this will allow you to go full steam ahead with plans, goals, life, whatever you like!

You'll be able to get clear on your biggest block, gain invaluable resources, overhaul your mindset and realise your potential.

Got a question?

Have a question that’s not been answered? Send me message through the contact page. 

Absolutely! Even though I’m the Parent’s Life Coach™ I work with people from all walks of life. My only caveat is that the dynamic between us gives you the best opportunity to get the result you’re looking for.

Once your application is in and I believe we’d work well together we can put your sessions in the diary. The days and times can be flexible to accommodate your schedule and mine as well as time-zone differences. 

A common misconception with clinical hypnotherapy is that the practitioner can control your thoughts and behaviour. This might be what you think happens because of stage shows. I can reassure you that during hypnosis and in fact all of the subconscious modalities I use including NLP, that YOU are in control 100% of the time. We won’t go anywhere that you’re not comfortable going.

First off, take a breath and don’t worry. It’s an important decision and I’d be lying if I didn’t feel like this before I’ve taken the decision to work with some of the coaches I have. You can email me directly on and we can arrange to chat through this over a cuppa. 

Unfortunately not, refunds are only given in extenuating circumstances and are discretionary. My coaching is set up so that each session builds on the one before it to create a transformational experience. You would be doing yourself a huge dis-service to stop part way through, however this is always your choice. 

If you’re not sure I’m the right coach for you then send me an email on and we can chat it through.