How to Manage Strong Emotions

Defining strong emotions Strong emotions are emotions you feel are too big for you to cope with – either in the moment or longer term. Sometimes it’s those ‘seeing red’ moments or when you feel that strong urge or fight or fight. We are often so consumed with labelling emotions as good or bad or […]

Why Knowledge Isn’t Necessarily Power

Although the phrase ‘Knowledge is Power’ is often accredited to Thomas Jefferson, the expression actually started with Sir Frances Bacon who said “ipsa scientia potestas est” meaning ‘Knowledge Itself is Power’. My personal view on this (and I know I’m taking this expression out of it’s original context) is that acquiring knowledge won’t create change […]

5 Valuable Questions to Ask Yourself to Gain More Clarity

Creating clarity is not a case of ‘haves and have nots’. It’s more about the approach you take to creating clarity that moves the needle. Not having clarity on what your next steps are can feel suffocating and exhausting. Your headspace is constantly full of ‘What ifs’ and ‘How do I’s?’ and ‘Can I actually […]

3 Pillars of Self

Often when the subject of personal growth and development comes up the concepts of self worth, self confidence and self belief will drop in there somewhere. When you are in the season of being down on yourself or struggling to see wood for trees these concepts can seem entirely unobtainable and in way ethereal. In […]

What is Childhood Conditioning?

What is childhood conditioning? Childhood conditioning is the process of beliefs, thinking patterns or behaviours being learned and reinforced over time. These beliefs are imprinted into your subconscious by the age of about 8 and will form the foundation of what all other information gets filtered through. We learn these things through observing and interacting […]

What is Reparenting?

When we are children up until the age of about 8 we are sponges. We just soak up information; how to behave, how to react, how to understand and express emotions, our belief systems and even our perceived limitations. The skills and tools that we have to navigate our world, the ups and downs, the […]

3 Things I Have Learned About Myself from Lockdown

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a bit of a rough ride and 2021 is seemingly following in its footsteps. It’s easy to want to write it off and trust me when I say I have felt that deep wish to erase the last 12 months from my memory banks too. But […]