Personal success, Deep-rooted change and Freedom begins now.


This program is a workout for your mindset, challenging you to take aligned action to embrace a new way of being, through a highly personalised strategy. 


No one client experience is alike because this literally is your Personal Coaching Program towards your goals, your success and your wellbeing.

Bring your whole self, your baggage and your hopes.

Through this experience you decide which things you want to keep, update, or let go of completely.

As a parent you can feel like the world is on your shoulders, that certain opportunities are maybe no longer an option for you or maybe you’ve had to sacrifice parts of yourself and your identity. 

Me and my clients are living proof that you can be the parent you want to be and make good on your ambitions, have freedom and success.

The secret is to get mindset meeting aligned action. The ultimate power combo, and it happens to be where I excel. 

I get it, you've done all the 'stuff' you should, but somehow you're still left feeling like a swan. Seemingly serene on the outside but paddling like crazy under the surface...

So, if you've got all this going for you why hasn't the crazy paddling, late night Google rabbit-hole sessions and hour-long meditation sessions cut the mustard?

Even when you have great information, tools and resources there can be a block to success if you don't have a well thought through strategy.

Whether you’re a details focused person or a big visionary with no interest in minutia, a solid strategy to success begins with the end in mind. In your Personal Coaching Program we’ll look at your goal or end-game and from a bird eye view create a framework that builds in the pillars you’ll need for success. 


I've learned more about myself in these last three sessions than I have in the last 10 years!

Jullianna P

Is coaching with me the right choice for you right now?


My coaching is informed by extensive training and by recent research in coaching psychology, mental wellbeing and coaching modalities. More importantly my coaching is grounded in real-world experience allowing me to have empathy and understanding for your challenges and equally, your aspirations.


Each resource I choose whether it be an NLP exercise, a hypnosis recording, or a workbook will be specifically chosen and adapted for you. You have a unique way of experiencing the world around you and so any resources should take that into account whilst still challenging you to take new perspectives.


Coaching and mentoring only give an ROI if you achieve results; more confidence, higher self-esteem, improved self-worth, greater resilience etc. In turn this may lead to a new career, starting a business, a big lifestyle change or a complete mindset transformation. All this comes from action-focused steps that work together to create the right environment for change to take root.

Before working with Colleen I felt anxious and under pressure. But now, after our coaching journey together I feel ready to take on the world!

Amanda D

personal coaching program

Your curated personal strategy to meaningful changes
£ 1200
  • 12-Weeks of Support
  • 10-hours of 1:1 Coaching Time
  • Optional 'Walk & Coach' Opportunity
  • Personalised 6-Month Stepped Plan
  • 20-Page Psycho-educational Workbook
  • Scheduled Check-in Sessions

Got a question?

Have a question that’s not been answered? Send me an email on .

Absolutely! Even though I’m the Parent’s Life Coach™ I work with people from all walks of life. My only caveat is that the dynamic between us gives you the best opportunity to get the result you’re looking for.

Once your application is in and I believe we’d work well together we can put your sessions in the diary. The days and times can be flexible to accommodate your schedule and mine as well as time-zone differences. 

A common misconception with clinical hypnotherapy is that the practitioner can control your thoughts and behaviour. This might be what you think happens because of stage shows. I can reassure you that during hypnosis and in fact all of the subconscious modalities I use including NLP, that YOU are in control 100% of the time. We won’t go anywhere that you’re not comfortable going.

First off, take a breath and don’t worry. It’s an important decision and I’d be lying if I didn’t feel like this before I’ve taken the decision to work with some of the coaches I have. You can email me directly on and we can arrange to chat through this over a cuppa. 

Unfortunately not, refunds are only given in extenuating circumstances and are discretionary. My coaching is set up so that each session builds on the one before it to create a transformational experience. You would be doing yourself a huge dis-service to stop part way through, however this is always your choice. 

If you’re not sure I’m the right coach for you then send me an email on and we can chat it through. 

BSc (Hons) Neuroscience, University of Leeds

MSc Psychology of Mental Health and Wellbeing, University of Wolverhampton (currently studying)

Life Coach Certification accredited by the ACCPH (Mastery level)

Neurolinguistic Programming Diploma accredited by the ACCPH (Masters level)

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification 

Emotional Freedom Technique Certification

Fully insured with Balens Ltd