Session Information

60-Minute Coaching Session

Following a 1 hour coaching session, you can expect to have some of your personal development questions answered, take steps towards growing your self awareness, have some insights into one or more of your challenges, challenging thoughts, challenging behaviours or challenging beliefs, and be introduced to personally selected self coaching ideas and techniques that will benefit you most.

In these coaching sessions we may use NLP techniques, EFT techniques or hypnosis. Based on our discussions I will know which (if any) approach will be right for you.

90-Minute Coaching Session

As above. However the additional time allowance will enable us to cover more ground and begin looking at your belief systems, behaviour patterns and potentially longer term aspirations.

These sessions are available for you to book as single sessions or you can book weekly. The idea being you are in control of how you access support and when. If you would like to discuss building your own program and what that might look like then I suggest booking a Connection Call in addition to a session or as first contact.

Build Your Own Program

Book a Connection Call if you are considering building your own program with me. In this call I get to know your challenges as well as your aspirations. Together we then create a program that will act as stepping stones to a point in the future or goal of your choosing. 

We will discuss the appropriate number of sessions, tools, techniques and support you’ll need to achieve your goal or the mindset you’re looking for.¬†


When you book your coaching session you will have the option to add on; Email, voice messaging and unlimited 15 minute supports calls,¬†Curated exercises, notes and workbooks for your sessions and a Tailored hypnotherapy recording. These are additional to your Coaching Session fee. This allows you to choose the exact type of support you would like without paying for things you won’t use or benefit from.