Transformational one-to-one coaching​


So you’ve lost your spark, any sense of who you are and you’re craving a feeling of balance and purpose

Imagine if you found your sense of passion and purpose again and fully embraced who you were and what lights you up?

I’ve supported over 100 women like you do just that. I know what the missing pieces are and where to focus your energy, even if you don’t.

With Colleen's help I have much more clarity in my life and much more faith in who I am and what I want. This has been a really exciting time, as I have learnt a lot about myself and how to continue challenging myself and to continue evolving.
Maddie T

This is your right next step if you...

Colleen asked the right questions to explore where my negative feelings were coming from, and from there on she was able to define my main goals. This structure really helped to address everything that's important. She guided me into spotting un-resourceful beliefs, about my time management, and working on unblocking them.
Sara H

This is about you

This is your invitation to prioritise yourself and be the calm, happy and fulfilled person you want to be.

The PLANS™ Program is your route from overwhelmed, spinning plates and feeling like you’ve lost yourself to being self aware, self assured and finding your spark again.

Through my unique combination of subconscious techniques and personalised action steps you’ll tame that negative voice in your head, calm the emotional rollercoaster you’re on and begin recognising yourself again.

(Ps – This is not an exhaustive list, the shifts you experience in this kind of work are profound, transformational and unique to you).

I was feeling like such a failure and I had thought that's how I would always be but I wanted to try and do better. After working together I felt completely different! I know that all those things I was holding onto are gone. It felt effortless to do the work, but I can see the real tangible shifts it's made in my life.
Sarah B

I know when you get to the point of throwing your arms up and saying (or crying) ‘I can’t do this anymore’, it’s gut wrenchingly difficult. Especially as when you’re in the thick of it you may not be able to figure out how you’ve even got to this point, what’s maybe missing for you to feel that spark again and what you need to “feel better”.

I get it, I’ve been there before too. Shutting myself in the bathroom just so I can have a moment to myself to hopefully get even a glimpse of clarity.

Trust me when I say you won’t find the solutions through meditating, journaling or reading self help books – although these are fantastic tools, they’re not going to give the personal insight and individual approach you need.

Your investment in yourself for the 3 month personalised journey is £1800

(Payment plans available)

A little bit about me...

I’m Colleen, award winning Behavioural Change and Mindset Coach.

I am a no holds barred coach. I have a way of reading between the lines, and knowing where we need to focus our efforts to work through your blocks and achieve your goals, using the techniques and strategies that you’ll respond to best. (This could be hypnotherapy, energetics, NLP or mindset techniques, I’ll know the best combination and way forward for you).

We all have our own challenges and hardships. But, as mums we don’t always have the headspace or time to understand it all and work through it.

That’s why I do the work I do and why I’m so passionate about supporting mums find themselves in all the noise and create a fulfilled life that’s a reflection of who they are and what they truly want.

Often a coach will come from a place of experience or  from a place of expertise. My background in Neuroscience and unique life experiences gave me both, and the foundations to support meaningful change for other Mums.  

I have trained in the most transformational and science backed modalities on the planet, even winning an award for my academic achievements, and I have poured myself into creating a style of coaching that truly supports mums work through their emotional blocks, create balance and find their identity again.

what's included

3 months of personal Coaching

You will have 8 calls over the 12 week coaching program where we'll look at your belief systems, triggers, behaviour patterns and a lot more. The direction these calls take are personalised to you.

Full email & messaging support

In addition to the face-to-face sessions you can also chat to me, ask questions and check in through a messaging app or via email, so that you keep moving forward and have a high level of accountability.

Call recordings

All of your sessions are recorded and are uploaded to our shared Google Drive folder. This means you can revisit and remind yourself of any of the tools or work we have done at any time you choose.

Session notes

After each session I will upload notes and insights from our call to a shared folder on Google Drive. They will be there for you to re-read, add to and process in your own time.

Personalised resources & action steps

Throughout your program I will provide you with additional resources to support the work we are doing together. You will also have specific action steps each week that are personalised to you and what you want to achieve.

Feelings & Freedom Online course

Feelings & Freedom is a deep dive into emotional resilience and understanding which is a vital adjunct to the work you'll do inside of this program. You'll have access to the course even after your program comes to an end.

What working together looks like

Bespoke plan

Subconscious work

Personalised steps & strategies

Based on your answers to an in-depth questionnaire and what we uncover in our initial session we will create a plan that works for you to achieve exactly what you want from the program and our time together. 

Using proven modalities we will work on the deeper parts of your mindset to understand and work through where particular beliefs and blocks came from and then work through them in a way that is safe and supportive. 

You will be given actions to take each week that are unique to you and your journey. In addition I will share strategies both in our calls and offline that will form part of your personal toolbox during our coaching and beyond it. 

From past clients

Before working with Colleen I felt anxious and under pressure personally and professionally.

After working together I felt calmer, more in control of my life and my choices and like I could take on the world!
Amanda D
Colleen took a belief of mine and really drilled it down to a decision I've been making about myself almost everyday without even realising it.

We really have reached a resolution. She made me feel so at ease and comfortable.
Kirsten M
I have gained so much clarity about myself in terms of my values, feelings and emotions. My self confidence has soared.

I’m looking to the future with a clear plan of how to proceed and truly excited for what experiences lie ahead.
Elspeth H

Answers to your questions

Yes! The modalities I use and the content that is covered in the PLANS™ Program is beneficial to anyone. Working with Mums is my passion but that doesn’t mean the program won’t help others. 

Unfortunately not, refunds are only given in extenuating circumstances and are discretionary. The way the program is set up is so that each session builds on the one before it to create a transformational experience. You would be doing yourself a huge dis-service to stop part way through, however this is always your choice. 

Right at the beginning of our coaching relationship we agree on your session days and times and ensure they fit with your commitments and schedule. These can also be changed providing notice is given, so there is a lot of flexibility. 

In regards to the time commitment there are 8 hour long sessions over 12 weeks. In between these sessions there’ll be resources for you to use and actions to take. We will always discuss what you feel comfortable with in terms of the load and adjust it accordingly.  

A common misconception with clinical hypnotherapy is that the practitioner can control your thoughts and behaviour. This might be what you think happens because of stage shows. I can reassure you that during hypnosis and in fact all of the subconscious modalities I use that YOU are in control 100% of the time. We won’t go anywhere that you’re not comfortable going.

First off, take a breath and don’t worry. It’s an important decision and I’d be lying if I didn’t feel like this before I’ve taken the decision to work with some of the coaches I have. You can email me directly on and we can arrange to chat through this over a cuppa. 

No worries! I’d love to answer your question for you. Just pop me an email to and we can make sure you have the answers to your questions. 

Are you ready?

Is it time to take meaningful action rather than just thinking about it?